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I am Amazing

I am Amazing

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Discover the power of nature with I am Amazing! This remarkable blend of HEPATIC ingredients, including Tulsi Leaves, Kukui Leaves, Laua'e Leaves, 'Olena Root, and Soursop Leaves, is your ticket to vibrant health and boundless energy.

Tulsi Leaves, revered for their adaptogenic properties, help your body adapt to stress, while Kukui Leaves provide a rich source of antioxidants to combat free radicals. Together with Laua'e Leaves, 'Olena Root & Soursop, they team up to support your liver  & gall bladder function and overall well-being. 


Take a workshop with us! Check out our sister company where we enjoy creating new recipes of teas and tinctures in a beautiful, upcountry Maui setting. 

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