About Us

Hawaiians take skin and hair care seriously. As a sun loving culture, we spend ample time outdoors and in the salt water. As such, we need to protect our bodies from the sun's harmful effects while embracing its benefits. After being diagnosed with a melanoma skin cancer 10 years ago, I decided to stop using skin products containing harmful chemicals. Instead, I created my own natural skin and hair care options that I have been using on myself, my friends, and family for years. Because of their popularity, I decided to start Ocean Apothecary so I can bring these skin and hair care products to you. I am committed to creating products that are protective and beneficial to the skin and the environment, that are anticancer, and that make you feel fantastic.
Ocean Apothecary is a women, Hawaiian, and disabled Veteran owned company. It was created with the idea that we could help our community embrace a healthier overall lifestyle. We are a Hawaii based Apothecary company providing healthier options to consumers for all areas of their life. All of our products are made with Natural, Organic, Locally Sourced ingredients including herbs, flowers, berries, roots, and rhizomes as well as therapeutic grade essential oils. We honor our kupuna hulu by using the healing plants of Hawai’i in many of our products. We pay homage to our ancestral heritage by bestowing each product a Hawaiian name. Each of our products are made in Hawai’i, they are made with Mana’o, and they are made with plenty of Aloha.
Our relationship with the land is one of mutual respect. The land provides us with food, shelter, and medicine. We enjoy those benefits, then care of the land in return. In Hawai’i, we live our lives according to island traditions. The Hawaiian words Aloha, Pono, ‘Aina, Kuleana, and Mana’o guide our paths and help us understand our relationship within our community. We have built our foundations at Ocean Apothecary according to these same words of wisdom.