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Hawaiian Sandalwood Sunscreen

Hawaiian Sandalwood Sunscreen

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Our Hawaiian Sandalwood Sunscreen is a 30+ spf lotion and a blend of organic oils and herbs with natural sun protection. Each ingredient is selected with mana'o (purpose) and each provides direct benefit to the skin, either protecting it from the sun, or moisturizing it, keeping it supple and nourished. Our ingredients are organic and locally sourced whenever possible. Hawaiian Sandalwood Sunscreen is safe for children, ocean wildlife, reef, and sea fauna. 

Organic, locally sourced ingredients: 

Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential oil- Our featured ingredient! Santalum paniculatum. The Hawaiian sandalwood has been prized for centuries for its sweet, woodsy, nurturing aroma which creates a sense of focus and clarity. We feature it in our sunscreen because of its amazing health benefits. Hawaiian Sandalwood is a mild astringent which aids in soothing and tightening skin. As an anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic it reduces inflammation and blemishes. Hawaiian Sandalwood is high in antioxidants and can help in reducing cell damage and promoting healthy and young looking skin. 

Calendula infused Hawaiian distilled water-  We add calendula to our sunscreen because of its various healthful benefits, but mainly because of its anti-inflammatory properties in skin care.

Coconut oil-  Considered the tree of life in Polynesian societies. Coconut oil has a  mild sun protection factor while naturally moisturizing the skin. 

Shea Butter- Full of beneficial oils, shea butter give our sunscreens their soft and soothing creaminess. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, as well as moisturizing. 

Beeswax- Locally sourced beeswax give our sunscreen waterproofing qualities

Non-nano Zinc Oxide- Provides a broad spectrum UVA and UVB protective barrier from the sun  

Kukui Nut oil- locally sourced, a powerful antioxidant known for its healthful benefits to the skin. 

Red raspberry seed oil- a natural sunscreen, this oil absorbs UVA and UVB rays and moisturizes the skin

Carrot Seed oil- a natural sunscreen, absorbs UVA rays and nourishes the skin

Argan oil- well known for its wonderful benefits to hair, skin and nails

 All of our products are made in Hawai'i, by Hawaiians. 


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